Downloadable Excel templates for Construction Project Management, Contractors and Quantity Surveyors.

What makes a good Excel template for construction?

During my career, I think I must have seen every type of construction Excel templates imaginable, I have worked with Project Managers that would want to do it all on the back of a cigarette packet, right through to those that wanted reports so detailed you would need a degree in finance to understand!

As a result of this, I was often questioning the practices in my company and developed my own ideas about what reports we should produce and how they should look. In my opinion the key considerations are:

1. Simple and clear

Records, communications and reports should simple enough so that anybody can understand them, and well formatted so that the information is clear and presentable.

2. Minimum user input possible

Manual inputting into templates (copying and pasting sheets, changing dates and project information every time, finding rates, filling in trackers and registers etc, all takes a lot of time, and can be a dull task! It also increases the chances of human error. Why not do less of it?!

Wherever possible (without complicating things unnecessarily) we use our templates to combine tasks. For example, our Construction Budget Template enables you to insert you quantities against dates, simply by doing this our sheet is able to calculate spend in each calendar month, and also cashflow, automatically! Two great tools for your project accounting.

Are Excel templates still the best way to manage a construction project?

There are many software packages emerging to perform project management functions.

Here at webQS we are huge supporters of any idea that reduces admin time and increases accuracy! So for those with the budget and time to invest, adopting a web-app based system is likely to have great benefits.

However, the best packages seem to involve heavy investment via. a monthly subscription.

That’s where our Excel packs come in! Our templates offer a way to increase efficiency, and tidy up your admin for a fraction of the price of purchasing bespoke software.

So what’s wrong with Excel templates?

In the right hands, Excel is unrivaled in it’s adaptability and ability to customise. You can pretty much produce anything that you can imagine.

That said, the issue with using Excel, is that it’s easy to waste a lot of time formatting and maintaining spreadsheets. If it’s too complicated, the end user needs to be an expert on Excel to maintain it properly. However, a straight forward one page template will result in a lot of manual inputting (wasted time).

The solution

Using smart design, and years of experience, we have refined our Excel sheet suite to be the most user friendly product possible.

So we invite you to give our downloadable Smart Excel templates a try.

While we are confident you will find our sheet useful as they are, we supply all templates fully unlocked as we appreciate that every contractor has slightly different requirements, and you may want to add your own features or tweak them to suit you.

Our templates are available to download now instantly.

The webQS team.

Our templates:

The Ultimate NEC Compensation Event Template

  • compensation event quotation

Project Management Excel Templates Pack

  • construction budget template

Get 5 x complete suite of project management templates and save over 35%!

Construction Schedule Template for Excel

  • gantt chart template

Create a Gantt chart style construction schedule. Simply input the task durations and predecessors, and the sheet self-calculates the dates. Also shows completion and delays.

Construction Budget Excel Template / Cost Control Template

  • construction budget template

Build up your project cost on our professional looking format, and automatically generate a monthly spend report, cash flow and activity cost summary.

Progress Payment / Payment Schedule Excel Template

  • progress payment template

Progress payment valuation template with self-populating cover letters and payment tracker sheet.

Change Order Form / Change Log Excel Template

  • change order form

Produce change order quotations consistently and easily. Save your rates to a database sheet which you select from a drop down, includes auto populating change log / tracker sheet.

Construction Daily Log Template for Excel

  • site allocation sheet daily log excel template 1

Keeping detailed records of hours spent on activities is essential to agreeing valuations and claims. Our template no only makes the process easy, but also automatically generates a summary of hours and costs for your cost tracking or payroll.

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Take-offs, bills of quantities or assistance with estimating & tendering.

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Dealing with contracts, payments, or setting up and managing your project finances.