Keep accurate records of your project with our Construction Daily Log template pack.


Why do I need to keep a daily log?

Records are essential to any construction project, and will be crucial to agreeing changes, settling final accounts or in the case of a financial dispute. Our construction daily log template is perfect for keeping those records.

Also, having detailed evidence of hours spent on completing activities is likely to result in your changes claims getting agreed more promptly without debate over time spent, so this can have a positive impact on your cash flow too.

You can also use the information collected for monitoring the performance of subcontractors, employees or checking that your productivity assumptions in your estimating are accurate.


site timesheet daily log free excel template

Records are absolutely crucial in agreeing changes, resolving financial disputes and settling final accounts.


What do I need to record in my Construction Daily Log template?

Activities – You should record time spent on each activity. for assessing the productivity of completed works in a delay dispute.

Weather – Does you contract allow you to claim loss and expense or extension of time for bad weather? If so, a record of the weather each day and it’s impact on the works is critical to proving your entitlement.

Variations – Again, using your sheets to evidence claims for changes can prevent any dispute over the impact on the project when you come to agree the costs with the client.

When you are managing a busy site it’s easy to put record keeping on the back burner, but it’s essential! You may not see the benefit to your day job, but believe me, you will be glad that you made the effort if the project ends up in a dispute over delay… Records win claims!

For more advice on this we recommend that you consult with a professional… Here at webQS we have years of experience dealing with change management in construction and with all standard forms of building contract. Click here to learn more / send us an enquiry.

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As you fill in your daily log, our template automatically produces a summary of the hours for each operative. Very useful for payroll and budget tracking!


Features of the template

Complete 3 forms in 1 – Produce a cover letter and cost build-up and summary/tracker sheet.

a) All basic info entered one time which auto-populates all the log templates for the week.

b) Automatically produces a summary of the weekly hours spent on contracted activities, variations and absences. Ideal for cost tracking or running your payroll.

c) Add your workforce to the operative list, and select from dropdown list to save copying and pasting names and trades.


Designed for ease of use

The template is self-explanatory and easy to use, and for additional ease of use we have included a tab containing instructions and helpful tips.

Sections which require manual inputs are highlighted.

The sheets are also pre-formatted optimised for converting to PDF or printing.

All templates are fully unlockable so you can customise them to suit your business.


Change Order Form / Change Log Excel Template

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