Evaluate your changes, communicate them to your clients and track progress with our Change Order Form / Change Log Excel template pack.

Changes can often mount up on construction projects. And failing to communicate them effectively, and in a timely manner, can result in payment delays and disagreements.

Not only does it have a negative impact on contractors, it’s also bad for your clients too. It is better that they are aware of changes as works proceed so they have time to incorporate them into their budgeting… nobody likes to get to the end of a project to then learn about the costs going up.

The answer? Implement a good change control process! Identify, evaluate and notify them as soon as possible.

This template will help you to submit your changes in a clear and concise manner, and help you proactively track the status of outstanding changes. Also, it’s smart features are designed to save time wasting and reduce the chance of human errors.


change order register

Changes can often come thick and fast on construction projects… It is crucial to maintain a register to keep track… Our sheet does this for you automatically!


How do I implement a change control process?

The exact change procedures that will apply to your project will depend on your contract. A building contract should contain detailed requirements on what events entitle the contractor to a change, and the timescales imposed on both parties for notification and agreement. It is absolutely crucial that you get an understanding of this before submitting your tender.

The two main change categories that you will effect the finances of your project are:

a) Loss and Expense – Events beyond your control which cause you to expend additional cost, or to make losses.

b) Extension of Time – Events beyond your control that cause delay to completion or meeting a milestone date.

The way that these are dealt with very much depends on the contract. For example, the JCT family of contracts, time and cost events are dealt with separately, whereas in NEC, a triggering event could have cost or time impact, or both.

For more advice on this we recommend that you consult with a professional… Here at webQS we have years of experience dealing with change management in construction and with all standard forms of building contract. Click here to learn more / send us an enquiry.

You can read more about change control procedures here:

The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) issues a standard on Valuing Change: Click Here

change order form

Clear communication of changes to your clients is crucial in reaching agreement promptly.


Features of the template

Complete 3 forms in 1 – Produce a cover letter and cost build-up and summary/tracker sheet.

a) Fill in the project information one time – (address, contact details, project details), which pre-populates the cover letters and cost buildup sheets.

b) Rate Database – Create a list of your rates which can be selected from drop-downs on the change form, automatically adding the appropriate rate. No more searching for a rate every time you create a new change price.

c) Cover Letter – Creates a cover letter within Excel, pre-filled to save you repetitive copying of information.


Designed for ease of use

The template is self-explanatory and easy to use, and for additional ease of use we have included a tab containing instructions and helpful tips.

Sections which require manual inputs are highlighted.

The sheets are also pre-formatted optimised for converting to PDF or printing.

All templates are fully unlockable so you can customise them to suit your business.


Change Order Form / Change Log Excel Template

  • change order form

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