Construction budget template with smart features to stay in control of your project finances.

Simple cost breakdown sheet

We have designed our construction budget template to give you all the information required to manage a construction project, with minimal amount of complication and inputting of information.

Simply  build up your activity costs as usual into the sheet below, inputting the quantities against the calendar.

Then you can simply categorise each cost via. the drop down list. You can customise these categories for your project.

construction budget template

Build up your activities using the simple input sheet.


Cost summary

From your cost buildup, our template automatically produces a summary of your spend within each calendar  month.

There is also a line for “Application for Payment” which can be used to input predicted stage payments, so you can track your profit/loss movement throughout the project.

construction budget template


Cash flow

Select your payment terms against each cost category, and the template will automatically produce a cash flow summary to show you your cash levels.

This is very useful to see how much cash you will need in the bank to float the project, and when your cash flow will turn positive.

construction budget template

Monitor your cash flow to see exactly when payments will come in, and out, to see what financial commitment is required.


Weekly cost summary

A useful report that is automatically generated in case you need it.

This gives a weekly breakdown of costs which is ideal for implementing a cost check at the end of each week. Simply check your costs at the end of each week against this baseline.

construction budget template

Activity cost summary

construction budget template

Compare cost by activity against already agreed sums, or use to identify the source of cost movements.


Designed for ease of use

The template is self-explanatory and easy to use, and for additional ease of use we have included a tab containing instructions and helpful tips.

Sections which require manual inputs are highlighted.

The sheets are also pre-formatted optimised for converting to PDF or printing.

All templates are fully unlockable so you can customise them to suit your business.


Construction Budget Template for Excel

  • construction budget template

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  • construction budget template


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