Create Gantt chart style construction schedules easily and quickly.

Is this an alternative to buying a software package?

Unfortunately not!

The industry standard for creating project schedules is Primavera P6, and is regarded as the best software for construction planning.

However, you may notice that it comes with a very hefty price tag! Of course for major contractors this isn’t an issue, but smaller contractors will question whether their business would benefit from all the extra features.

So, this Excel template is not designed to compete with functionality of bespoke planning software, but it can give you the look, and basic functionality of a construction programme for a fraction of the cost of planning software. It is easy and quick to use, and should be more than enough for most contractors and self builders.

construction programme template excel

Create Gantt chart style construction schedules quickly and easily with our template.



a) Automatic date calculation – Simply enter the task durations and give each one a predecessor (the task that needs to finish to allow that task to start) and the start and finish dates are calculated automatically!

b) Weekday / Weekend working – Set each task to either “weekdays”or “7 day” as required to accommodate projects that work of mix of both. The sheet automatically skips weekends in the task duration if you select “weekday”.

c) % complete – Insert your percentage complete of each task to colour the bar green to show % completion.

d) Delays – Option to show your delays. Simply mark the task as a delay and a red bar will be inserted.

e) Today – Shows today’s date with a red bar.

If you need any support… Here at webQS we have years of experience dealing with programme submissions, project tracking and delays. Click here to learn more / send us an enquiry.

construction programme template

Create a professional looking construction schedule quickly and easily. Simply input the task durations and predecessors, and the sheet calculates the start and finish dates.


Designed for ease of use

The template is self-explanatory and easy to use, and for additional ease of use we have included a tab containing instructions and helpful tips.

Sections which require manual inputs are highlighted.

The sheets are also pre-formatted optimised for converting to PDF or printing.

All templates are fully unlockable so you can customise them to suit your business.


Construction Schedule Template for Excel

  • gantt chart template

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